EtonArts aims

EtonArts has the following aims:

  • To raise the profile and importance of all forms of art, architecture and design at Eton, and
  • To raise the profile of all forms of Eton art, architecture and design in the outside world.
  • In due course, to extend our activities to Eton’s “outreach” schools

EtonArts is for:

  • All types of artists, designers, architects, photographers, filmmakers – practising, and would-be;
  • “Enthusiasts” – anyone who enjoys looking, appreciating, as well as collecting;
  • Dealers, gallerists, curators – anyone involved with the business of the Arts.

By bringing together these kindred spirits, members can:

  • Enjoy sharing work, discussing ideas, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, networking, exhibiting, advertising shows and events;
  • Help to inspire, encourage and support present drawing school & design school enthusiasts who are interested in a career in all forms of art, architecture and design.

Further information

For further information or to join please go to the Membership page.