I inherited a love of painting from my mother, grandfather and great-grandfather – all artists. After retiring from my executive career, I
trained with Robin Child at his Lydgate Art Research Centre in Wiltshire . I have exhibited in mixed exhibitions since 2008 and
jointly with our artist daughter Kitty Stirling, in London and Somerset, in 2010 and 2012. I had a solo exhibition at Catharine Miller’s
Hollywood Road Gallery in Fulham in November 2016 and now work regularly with her.
Other information:
Colour plays a central part in my work, not only to enliven the surface but also in seeking to define space ideas from many different sources, including nature, architecture, people, and also music and poetry. Artists who have been a particular
influence on me are Cezanne; the American Expressionists Diebenkorn; De Kooning and Helen Frankenthaler, and among 20thc British
painters, Keith Vaughan, Ivon Hitchens and Howard Hodgkin.